"When I play Flamenco I don’t only play with my fingers, but with my heart, and that makes the difference. Flamenco is not only my passion, it’s the air I breathe everyday since I was born in Andalusia"

Juan Jose, from Cadiz, South of Spain, is a professional Flamenco guitarist and composer based in Dublin, Ireland.

His music reflects his roots, Flamenco, as a way of living. From this heritage all his compositions emerge. He was raised in a traditional Flamenco home, in Chiclana de la frontera, a small village in South Spain, a place of pure Flamenco tradition.. His mother sang Flamenco and copla everyday in his childhood, this unquestionably influences every note he now plays. 

"I was born in an Andalusian house in the south of Spain, where there was very little money, But nevertheless there was wealth, the wealth of having something you can't buy, happiness, listening to my mother singing flamenco every day and every night, and I accompanying her on guitar, in our flamenco courtyard with the smell of the jasmine..."

When he started to play guitar at the age of 11 he already knew how Flamenco breathes, with its essence, something which cannot be learned in school. He spent his life, before coming to live in Ireland,

in touch with the sea and with the land of his ancestors, elements which elevated him to a place where he feels peace. He understands that music has the same power to effect humans. 

He began earning his life at the age of 15 teaching at home Flamenco guitar to people of different ages from his hometown.

When he was 18 he started his Flamenco professional performing career on stages all over the province of Cadiz and around Andalusia

(South Spain) as a soloist and as accompaniment for Flamenco singers and participated in the major Flamenco festivals. 

In 2005 he came to Ireland to further his career in music. Here he has played with international musicians from Ireland, Italy, United States, Cuba, Nicaragua, Brazil, France, Argentina, India, Japan, Peru and has played in The National Concert Hall. His music reflects an Influence

of different music of the world with distinct personal touches. These influences have helped him to expand his compositions , to create new sounds and to give Flamenco music a different form and different colours, without letting its roots go. This expansion of sounds and compositions has helped him to understand music as a way of healing and inspiring people.

Juan Jose is now Living in Dublin, Ireland, as a professional Flamenco guitarist and composer, and his music is a journey along his life, his mother singing flamenco in the patio, flamenco singers and dancers coming to sing and dance in this house, his father’s land, the ocean in the south of Spain and the influence of his life in Ireland...