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I am Juan José manzano, I am a flamenco guitarist and composer living in Ireland, where I earn my living a s a musician.


I grew up in a traditional Flamenco home in Andalucía, South of Spain, a place of pure Flamenco tradition.

"When I play Flamenco I don’t only play with my hands, but with my heart, and that makes the difference. Flamenco is my passion and it is the air that I have breathed everyday since I was born in Andalusia"

Juan José Manzano, a Spanish guitarist.

I am a Spanish Flamenco guitarist and composer.
I have been living in Ireland since 2005, where I earn my living as a musician.


During this time, I have established my career by performing at many events and by collaborating with local musicians.

I have performed at the National Concert Hall, St. Patrick's Festival (and other festivals around the country), the Cervantes Institute, Smock Alley Theatre and Draiocht Theatre, to mention a few.


I was greatly influenced by my mother singing Flamenco at home and also the Peña Flamenca, a building next door to my home, where Flamenco was performed daily. I could hear it from my home, day and night.

I have been surrounded by Flamenco since I was born, and so inevitably Flamenco became the passion of my life.

When I was 18, I started my professional career and performed on stage all over Cadiz and Andalusia as a soloist and accompanying Flamenco singers. I participated in most of the major Flamenco festivals all over the south of Spain.


Nowadays, my passion and vocation is the showcase, integration and cross-cultural evolution of traditional Flamenco music in Ireland.

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