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Professional Flamenco dancer

Joyce Richardson. Spanish Dancer.
Joyce Richardson. Flamenco Dancer
Joyce Richardson. Spanish Dancer in Ireland.

Joyce lives to dance her way through the waves every day on this wonderful earth

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Dublin born Joyce is not strange to stage and screen. She started Irish dancing in Nt great George's street at Ita Caldwell school of Irish dancing when she leapt from her mothers lap compelled to join in the class. Since then she has embraced a fulfilling professional career in entertainment. Joyce performs, teaches and loves today with as much passion and energy as ever. When she asked what her favourite type of dance is she repies, "Whatever the music is playing".
She is skilled in teaching all styles of dance, with specialty for Flamenco, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Yoga & Meditation.
She's recently working as specialists coach on Dancing with the Stars. Joyce especially enjoys preparing couples for their Wedding 1st Dance.

In 2012 she built her own beautiful bright dance studio in her home so there's always a suitable time to tap those happy feet.

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