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Flamenco music in Ireland

Flamenco is the most representative art form of the Spanish culture. Flamenco is especially present in the south of Spain, Andalusia.

Flamenco artists will bring the Spanish sun and the energy to your event!

Powerful and passionate.

Spanish Flamenco dancers


Joyce Richardson

Dublin born Joyce is a Flamenco dancer and a dance teacher, she’s not strange to stage and screen. Joyce performs and teaches  with as much passion and energy as ever. When she asked what her favourite type of dance is she replies, "Whatever the music is playing".
She is skilled in teaching all styles of dance, with specialty for Flamenco.
She's recently working as specialists coach on Dancing with the Stars. Joyce especially enjoys preparing couples for their Wedding 1st Dance.

In 2012 she built her own beautiful bright dance studio in her home so there's always a suitable time to tap those happy feet !

Flamenco dancer at
Spanish dancer in Ireland

Rebeca Sánchez

Born in Seville, Rebeca is a professional Spanish Flamenco singer and dancer. 
  has participated in many major Flamenco festivals in Spain and appeared on Spanish TV shows.

Now Rebeca lives in Ireland where she is part of a number of projects as a singer and as a Flamenco dancer.

She has sung and danced for the RTE National  Symphony  Orchestra in the National Concert Hall.

Elisabeth Jara

Born in Alcalá de Guadaira, Seville, Eli is a Spanish Flamenco dancer. She studied flamenco dance with the best teachers in Spain.

In the Seville Biennial of 2000, at the Maestranza theater, she made her professional debut, with the Antonio “El Pipa” Company with the show “Puntales”, in a production with the Andalusian Dance Center. From that moment she has worked for several companies with important productions in national and international theaters.



Spanish flamenco dancer in ireland

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