Joyce Richardson 

Professional Flamenco Dancer

Joyce is a leading teacher of  Flamenco Dance in Ireland.

Her Flamenco dance is passionate and emotional.

Rebeca Sanchez 

Professional Spanish Singer and Dancer

Rebeca's elegant voice and dance will bring a Spanish light to your event.  

She has sung and danced for the RTE National  Symphony  Orchestra in the NCH.

Thank You


Spanish and Flamenco dance is powerful and passionate.

Rebeca's voice or Joyce's  elegance dance  will bring light and energy to your event

Dublin born Joyce is no stranger to stage and screen.
She performs, teaches and loves today with as much passion and energy as ever. When asked what her favourite type of dance is she replies, "Whatever the music is playing".

She has recently worked as specialists coach on Dancing with the Stars. Joyce especially enjoys preparing couples for their Wedding 1st Dance.

At the age of 3 Rebeca started her studies of Flamenco & Classical dance in the renowned school of Carmen Albeniz.

She has participated in many major Flamenco festivals in Spain and  TV shows.

Now Rebeca lives in Ireland where she is part of a number of projects as a singer and as a Flamenco dancer.

Spanish and Flamenco music is powerful and passionate.

Her elegance dance and her voice will bring light and energy to your event

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