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Professional Spanish dancer and singer

Rebeca, Spanish dancer in Ireland.
Cervantes Institute. Juan Jose Manzano.
Rebeca. Flamenco dancer in Ireland.
Spanish Rose.

Spanish Flamenco dance is powerful and passionate.

Rebeca's elegance dance and her voice will bring light and energy to your event

watch the video!

Rebeca Sanchez is a Professional Flamenco dancer, choreographer and  singer based in Ireland.

Rebeca was born in Seville, in Macarena's neighbourhood , one of the most flamenco areas of Seville.
At the age of 3 she started her studies of Flamenco & Classical dance in the very
renowned school of Carmen Albeniz. Soon, her talent as a singer became apparent and
she started her suites of Spanish Classical and Flamenco singing with the master Carmen Noble and with the prestigious Adelita Domingo. Shortly after, other flamenco masters took notice of her. She worked with Manuel Alonso, Francisco Garcia Tejero and Jose Manuel Rodriguez, who produced her first Flamenco recording “En un Caracol” when she was 7 and which allowed her to tour extensively through Spain and France. Rebeca continued learning and developing her art through adolescence until she founded her own Flamenco School, “La Giralda”, in the North of Spain.

Rebeca has participated in many mayor Flamenco festivals in Spain and and TV shows.

Now Rebeca currently lives in Ireland where she is part of a number of projects as singer and as flamenco dancer. The last of them was his part in a contemporary revision of spaniard poet Federico
Garcia Lorca called ´A Fragment of Tomorrow´ in 2019.

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